5 ways the coronavirus lockdown is changing the way the world consumes

Malls, movie theaters, concerts, food delivery and online stores are all part of a rapidly changing retail and entertainment landscape in America

In between binge watching shows on Netflix and eating about 3,500 calories in delivered pizza, I had an epiphany, what if life in America will never be the same? What industries have already changed forever? After ordering a thinking cap from Amazon, I was able to come up with 5 industries that the coronavirus and ensuing lockdown could forever alter.

Lord of the streams

1. Movie Theaters: In 2020 film studios are in a unique situation because they can offer their products straight to the dorito fingered masses via the internet. If there is one lesson that I’ve learned from the thousands of gangster films Hollywood has produced it’s ‘cut out the middle man.’ Universal has already began experimenting with streaming videos straight to the consumer during lockdowns. This means that theaters might be taking more than just the proverbial ‘haircut’ in the near future.

Put your lighters, cellphones up

2. Concerts: Los Angeles already announced that all sporting events and concerts are cancelled until 2021. There was a Tyler Childer’s concert that I was dying to see last year, unfortunately that show was on the other side of the country. The band was nice enough to live stream the entire show from their YouTube channel.

It’s conceivable that artists have virtual shows in the future, they can still sell tickets. I wouldn’t be surprised to see musicians get creative with ways they generate revenue.  Can you see yourself talking to your grandkids: ‘I’ll never forget the days of my youth, shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people. The aroma of beer, smoke, fried food, with a hint of urine all blended together in a unique symphony of bliss.’ Those days are gone…


3. Malls: Ah, days gone by. As a teenager in the mid 1990’s there was nothing more fun than hanging out at the mall. From socializing, to picking up the newest album or shoes that were gonna drop, the mall was the place to be. American mall’s were already struggling before the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. In 2020 the mall is called Instagram and online shopping has slowly drained the life out of American institutions such as Sears and JC penny. The stay at home orders issued by many states might deliver the death blow to many of America’s struggling retailers.

Yes soup for you!

4. Food: Speaking of delivering, business is booming. See for yourself, try ordering a pizza. I had a friend wait almost 3 hours for one the other day. Since the lockdown the thing to do has been to have pizzas, soups salads and sandwiches delivered. Families could be eating delivered holiday meals and chatting with relatives over Skype or Zoom if the coronavirus pandemic progresses to it’s first fall without a vaccine.

There’s an app for that

5. Ecommerce: ‘There’s an app for that’, was something that was said on commercials over 10 years ago. At the time I didn’t really understand the magnitude of those 5 words, but they have fundamentally changed the way the world does business. Today, there’s an app for ordering anything your heart desires.

Netflix and chill

Is mankind rapidly heading ‘where no man has gone before?’ Actually quite the opposite. What I’m thinking is you might want to invest in a nice couch, so you can cozy up on your Obama phone and spend your Trump money.

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