Has anyone ever robbed Fort Knox?

Fort Knox is by most accounts the most secure facility in the world. Stealing from this place would surely be every wanna be Danny Ocean’s dream. But has anyone actually attempted to rob the place? I spent a few hours prying into the topic to find out the truth.

Setting the president

In 2003 a group of men led by Leonardo Notarbartolo successfully pulled off a real life ‘Italian job’. The ‘Antwerp diamond heist’ as it came to be known took place in Belguim in mid February of that year. The group escaped with over $100 million dollars worth of diamonds in what was later dubbed ‘the heist of the century.’ Several of the thiefs were later captured but to this day none of the diamonds have been recovered. The plan took over 18 months to hatch and execute and provides a brilliant example of how nothing is ever truly secure. Or is it?

Hold my beer

Fort Knox was constructed as a camp on the outskirts of Louisville Kentucky in 1918. Named after Major General Henry Knox (the first U.S. Secretary of War.) In 1936 construction began on the world renowned vault.

During World War II the gold vault was used as a repository for the original copy of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta, and the original draft of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.


The fort has housed many of mankind’s most important documents, heirlooms, treasures and of course tons of gold. But has anyone ever attempted to steal anything from the famous fortress?

Nobody has ever attempted to rob, steal or break into Fort Knox

The vault is protected by over 23,000 soliders including the 16th Calvary Regiment, 194th Armored Brigade, 46th Adjutant General Battalion and the 34th Military Police. The actual vault does not allow visitors. Infiltrating this behemoth would be impossible unless you have a standing army and the trucks needed to transport the 147 million ounces of gold.

As fascintaing as the tale of the The Antwerp Diamond Heist honestly is. It’s inconceivable that anoyone ever one-ups the ‘heist of the century’ by knocking off Fort Knox.

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