Alabama police detective charged with murder in ‘love triangle gone wrong’

15 year Birmingham police veteran Alfreda Fluker

A Birmingham Alabama police detective is behind bars and being charged with murder.

Shortly after 11 p.m. Friday evening police responded to a shotspotter call and found a female victim unresponsive with gunshot wounds. The victim (later identified as 43 year-old Kanisha Fuller) was taken to UAB hospital where she was pronounced dead early Saturday morning.

Police say 39 year-old Alfreda Fluker shot and killed 43 year-old Kanisha Fuller while she was sitting in an unmarked police car, with an off-duty detective.

According to investigators the shooting is a case of a ‘love triangle gone wrong.’ During Saturday’s press conference Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith had this to say about the unfortunate situation: ‘This is not a press conference that I wanted to give today or any other day, but it’s about the facts and realities of life.’ Smith went on to say that ‘this is something that has been going on for a little while without our knowledge.’

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