Hunger Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is very serious and has taken tens of thousands American lives. Unfortunately, underneath the surface of this crisis a new one is brewing. With so many American’s out of work, many are struggling to feed themselves.

Thousands of families wait for food in Texas

Information can be found at the bottom of the page on how you can help your fellow Americans during their time of need. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Below is a list of recent news articles to show the legitimacy and urgency of the situation.

Food bank line stretches for miles in Florida

‘Unforgettable’ footage of endless line of cars at food banks

Tennessee: More than 935,000 residents including 285,000 children are food insecure

Food-banks buckle under demand and warn they will run out

Wisconsin food pantries, food banks facing problems due to coronavirus

Hundreds lined up for Feeding America mobile pantry distribution

Americans eagerly waiting for the opening of a food bank

To find your local Feeding America food bank click here

For information on how to donate to a Dare to Care food bank click here

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